Not satisfied with your health condition or with results of your treatment?

Natural health therapy will rid you of depression, migraine and other very difficult states once and for all.

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    I guide my clients to natural vitality and health.

    Natural health therapy reaches far into the depth of the genetic structure, where the results are permanent.

    We take a holistic approach for effective solutions, which also include advice on nutrition and exercise.

    We use traditional Chinese medical diagnostic practices.

    The key element to the success of our programs is the emphasis on identifying the root of the problem, which can be genetic or caused by lifestyle choices or by trauma.

    Natural health therapy can eliminate a wide range of problems. From “less serious” to life-threatening. It is based on starting and supporting healing processes in the body through a unique and powerful form of healing called “Energy Healing by Voice Transmission ®“.

    Our basic healing programs focus mainly on mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and their psychosomatic manifestations (headaches, back pain, indigestion, pressure problems).

    Description of basic healing







    A healthy body and mind are essential steps to a fulfilled and happy life.

    Some of the other issues we can help with

    • High or low blood pressure, poor circulation, dizziness, arrhythmia, migraines, joint problems, heart issues, arthritis.
    • Asthma, bronchitis, various allergies, weakened immunity, sinus issues, gastritis, bloating, tinnitus, muscle aches, and cramps.
    • Eye issues, high cholesterol, anemia, and other blood problems, hemorrhoids.
    • Poor concentration and memory, kidney issues.
    • Skin issues, bones, hearing, hormonal disorders, sexual dysfunction, various tumors, cysts, fibroid, weight balance, etc.
    • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes) … etc.
    • Immune system boost.

    How to get started

    Taking the first step is the hardest!

    Do you feel discomfort?
    Do you suffer from prolonged or acute problems?
    Has your doctor given up?
    Do you want to support your health so that you finally feel great and in harmony?



    Book a consultation
    We can help you!

    The consultation is focused on diagnosing your problems. You will also experience how Natural Health Therapy works.

    You will receive valuable advice on your long-term care and indeed upgrading the health of both your body and mind.



    Natural Health Intensive Program

    We look at the causes of your physical or mental problems, and we lead you step by step to balance and health.

    Health and the feeling of sufficient energy for your life will become your daily experience. Part of Natural Health Therapy is mentoring, in which you can learn to work with your emotions and beliefs.

    With our support, you can establish a practical regime for your goal of a strong body and mind.

    Please take the first step now and book a consultation.

    All services can happen online via a video call or over the phone.


    I believe that we all came into this world to develop ourselves and to live a happy fulfilled life.

    My name is Lenka Charvátová

    I am a certified Natural Health Specialist.

    My original profession was as a lawyer.

    Illness changed my life

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune type of gastrointestinal inflammation. My life collapsed in one moment like a house of cards. After two years of unsuccessful steroid hormone treatment, it felt like I was a wreck drowning in depression.

    I stopped waiting for someone to save me

    I did everything possible that promised to heal. I practiced yoga, meditation, a healthy lifestyle, various diets, undergoing healing retreats, and Ayurvedic healing programs in India and Sri Lanka.

    I did feel some positive changes, but the problems did not subside permanently.

    When you change yourself, the whole world changes.

    I discovered a new path

    On recommendation, I discovered energy healing. It changed my life. I not only healed, but also became internally strong, confident, and satisfied.

    Subsequently, I successfully completed a training as an instructor (Energy healing instructor by voice transmission®) and began to heal people who needed help as much as I used to before.

    I found myself

    My disease completely changed my understanding of what is important in life. I realized that I cannot buy my life or health for money. On the contrary, a sick body cannot bring me inner peace and harmony, quality relationships, or professional success into my life.

    Therefore, all my life activities are aimed at maintaining a permanent state of health, emotional stability, and achieving a high level of creative abilities.

    Over time, I am grateful for the lesson I got from my life. I can now pass on my experience and knowledge to my clients which is very fulfilling.

    Lenka Charvátová Certificate Energy Healing Therapist
    Energy Healing Therapist
    Lenka Charvátová Certificate Organs Theory
    Organs Theory
    Clinic Diploma

    I live my big dream – I have a permanently healed body. I know how to do it; I can help you too.

    Mgr. Lenka Charvátová
    IČ: 09648534
    Opavská 63, 74775 Velké Heraltice, Česká republika